Top 30 free agents the Packers should target in 2024

Which free agents should be on the Packers' radar in 2024?
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Javon Kinlaw, DL, 49ers

Once again on the reclamation projects, I don't know if there are many more worthwhile endeavors in NFL free agency, especially with how much risk is inherently involved anyway. When you're looking for fits in free agency, it's almost more valuable to find guys who might contribute at a high level for you for a year or two, increase their own value, and be on their way, as opposed to guys who come in, take a bunch of cash, and never live up to the hype.

Javon Kinlaw is a former first-round pick of the 49ers who only has 5.0 career sacks, including a career-best 3.5 sacks this season. He's going to be 27 next October, but I think signing him to a one-to-two-year deal to see if he can live up to his first-round billing is worthwhile, especially with the way we've seen the Packers develop defensive linemen.

Jordan Elliott, DL, Browns

The Cleveland Browns aren't going to be able to keep everyone on their talented, dominant defense from the 2023 season. If Jordan Elliott hits free agency, this could be a really solid pickup for the Green Bay Packers in 2024.

Elliott has been getting much more involved in Cleveland's defense over the last couple of seasons, though he's also proven to be quite effective when only playing 40-45 percent of the defensive snaps. The former third-round pick out of Missouri just turned 26 in November and might have some of his best days ahead of him both as a pass-rusher and run-stuffer.

When teams turn on the tape from Elliott's 2023 season, he might very well price himself out of Green Bay's range. Again, the defensive line isn't an immediate need, but if you can get a guy for below-market value because he didn't play a ton of snaps? That's where you can hit some home runs in free agency.