Top 30 free agents the Packers should target in 2024

Which free agents should be on the Packers' radar in 2024?
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Packers unrealistic but fun free agent targets

Tee Higgins, WR, Bengals

Oh yeah, this again.

The age-old discussion about Tee Higgins becoming a Green Bay Packer. In case everyone wasn't already sick of it, let's talk about it some more.

I love the way the Packers' wide receiver room has developed overall. There's no question that there are dawgs throughout that unit right now, and Brian Gutekunst along with Matt LaFleur did a great job of identifying fits for the offense. But is there an "alpha"?

Christian Watson is supposed to be that guy, but he hasn't been able to stay on the field. It would cost a large portion of the free agency budget, but you can't shake the idea of how fun it would be to add a player like Tee Higgins to this Green Bay roster, and give Jordan Love a true WR1.

Chris Jones, DL, Chiefs

Another fun potential signing would be Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones.

Year after year, Jones is one of the top game-wreckers on the defensive line in all of football. He is such a force that teams have to account for him on a play-by-play basis, and the tough part is, the Chiefs line him up all over the place, so all five offensive linemen on the other team have to be ready for that matchup at any given time.

Do the Green Bay Packers need to do something like this? No, but sometimes, players like this can be the difference between your roster being good, great, or truly elite. I think if Jones is willing to come and play for Green Bay, they'd have to at least consider it.