Top 30 free agents the Packers should target in 2024

Which free agents should be on the Packers' radar in 2024?
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L'Jarius Sneed, CB, Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs will be a fascinating team to monitor in the 2024 offseason, with both L'Jarius Sneed and Chris Jones projected as free agents.

If the Chiefs have made a contingency anywhere, it's in the secondary, and I think they are confident in their belief that they don't need to overpay to have a great group back there. As good of a player as L'Jarius Sneed has been, the Chiefs might determine they can live without him.

And teams will be lined up to sign him if that's the case. You talk about a guy who can play from multiple alignments and shut things down, a guy who can blitz and cause havoc as a pass rusher or run defender. L'Jarius Sneed is him. This would cost a lot of money, but sometimes you've got to swing big.

Kenny Moore, CB, Colts

The Green Bay Packers need help all over the secondary, and I think the presence of Kenny Moore is going to take any defense to the next level in 2024.

Now, the Indianapolis Colts are going to have something to say about him hitting the market, but if he does become available, Moore's ability to play in the slot would be a welcomed addition to this Green Bay roster.

I think we're going to have to be in wait-and-see mode on how the Packers' defensive coordinator situation shakes out over the next handful of weeks, but no matter who is calling the shots defensively, I think he'd love to have a playmaker like Kenny Moore in the secondary. He's a model of toughness out there, he's got great ball skills, and he has a knack for creating turnovers in clutch moments.