What time will the Packers be on the clock in the 2024 NFL Draft?

Green Bay Packers
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It's an exciting time to be a Green Bay Packers fan.

In Jordan Love's first season as the starting quarterback, Green Bay exceeded expectations by reaching the NFC's final four. The Packers had opportunities to defeat the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round but fell just short. But this young team showed enough potential to put the rest of the league on notice.

Now, they enter the 2024 NFL Draft in a strong position. While they have to wait until 25th overall to make their first selection, the Packers have five top-100 picks and 11 in total to work with. If they get this draft right, they could be set up for long-term success in the NFC.

Barring a trade, Packers fans will have to wait a while to see their team make their first-round pick. What time can we expect their pick to come in on Thursday night?

When will the Packers make their first pick in 2024 NFL Draft?

The Packers should make their Round 1 pick around 10:10-10:25 pm CT on Thursday night. Here is how we know this.

Each team has a maximum of 10 minutes on the clock to make a selection, although they don't all use the full amount of time. The first round of the draft is scheduled to begin at 7 pm CT, although it usually takes an additional 10 minutes to actually kick off while the commissioner comes to the stage and opens the event.

Last year, the Buffalo Bills made the 25th overall pick approximately three hours and five minutes after the Carolina Panthers hit the clock with the first selection. If we factor in the introductions and assume the Chicago Bears will hit the clock at about 7:10 pm, we can add about three hours until the Packers should make their pick.

However, with Green Bay scheduled to pick 11 times over the three days, there's always the possibility of a trade-up.

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Compensatory pick

While the Packers are expected to hit the clock around three hours into the first round, a trade would change that. Green Bay has more flexibility than most other teams, as it is scheduled to make 11 total selections and five inside the opening three rounds. Packaging picks to move up is in play.

The Packers are still benefitting from the Aaron Rodgers trade by receiving an early second-round pick from the New York Jets. Thanks to the Rasul Douglas trade, they also have an additional third-rounder from the Buffalo Bills. On top of that, Green Bay received three compensatory picks on Day 3.

They don't need to make a trade. The other option is to add 11 players to the roster, increasing the odds of improving the team.

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