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Editorial Staff

Raymond Rivard, editor

An award-winning journalist and photographer, Rivard has been editor of two weekly newspapers in northern Wisconsin for the past 23 years. His love of the Green Bay Packers and his drive to reach out to all Packers fans moved him to write columns for select websites in the mid- to late-1990s under the pen name of Apackphan. The opportunity to continue with lombardiave.com has brought him to this page where he has been laboring for the past 2-plus years. Getting back into blogging has allowed Rivard to continue to follow the team with renewed interest.

Jamie Wright, Staff Writer

Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, I am a long-time fan and stockholder of the Green Bay Packers. My favorite colors are Green and Gold, my favorite phrase is "Go Pack Go!" and my favorite hat is a piece of cheese. My past idol was Brett Favre, my present vote for Presidential Candidate is Clay Matthews III and my future dogs names are Jordy and Driver. It's all Packers ALL DAY -- and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Josh McPeak, Staff Writer

Father of three beautiful girls and the husband of the most beautiful woman in the world. The cherry on top...I get to write about the Green Bay Packers. God is good...All the time! Go Pack Go!!!

Jerry Bulone, Staff Writer

I am a lifetime Packers fan, who currently resides in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I graduated from Ohio University. I grew up in cleveland and have always loved the Cleveland Cavaliers as well. I am married and am the proud dad of two wonderful children. I also am an aspiring writer and an aspiring RN. Hopefully I can accomplish one of them! You can check me out at rightdowneuclid.com, or lombardiave.com

David Burdette, Staff Writer

David Burdette is a staffer on Lombardiave.com. He is nuts about the Packers, cheers them on every Sunday they play, owns stock in the team, and owns several Green Bay jerseys, with his prized one being an Aaron Rodgers SuperBowl XLV jersey.

Kenn Korb, Staff Writer

Currently 23. Graphic Designer/Photographer, with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media. Very avid sports fan, with the NFL, NBA, Pro Tennis and World Cup Soccer being my favorites. Most importantly, a Green Bay Packers fan since I was 6. I'm always searching every day for new ways to enhance my knowledge of my favorite sports and teams, and I love being able to spread what I come across to others and help expand their understanding and appreciation of what we are watching take place. I'm grateful to have another platform in which to do that with.

James Katorski, Staff Writer

Coalter Hansen, Staff Writer

Coalter Hansen is a Wisconsin native who resides in Pine River, WI. Coalter knew early on that he was going to be a lifelong Packers fan. He is proud to note that he has never missed a game whether he was watching it live on television or in person. Besides being a diehard Packer fan, he is also an avid Wisconsin Badger Football fan. In his free time he enjoys being outdoors, whether it’s hunting or doing stuff around the farm. Coalter encourages you to leave a comment, positive or negative, because he loves a healthy debate.

Dan Dahlke, Staff Writer

Dan Dahlke lived most of his life in Wisconsin and grew up a Packers fan. He currently lives in southern Washington, just outside of Portland, OR, with his beautiful wife. He got his Bachelors in English at Washington State University, where he studied writing. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys writing about the Packers and all things football. Twitter: @dandahlke86

Patrick Hughes, Staff Writer

Patrick Hughes is an avid blogger, runner, gardener, artist, and backpacker. But once the NFL season starts all of those things are scheduled around when the Green Bay Packers play. Patrick resides in Portland, Oregon. However he grew up an hour south of Title Town in the Cheese Capital of the World, Plymouth, Wisconsin. Packer Sundays help connect him to his family and friends back in the cheese state. Packer fandom has also created new friends for him, as there is a large contingency of Cheeseheads in Portland and many gather at Saraveza in North Portland to cheer on the Green and Gold.

Tom Mrozla, Staff Writer

Tom Mrozla lives in Grand Forks, ND and he is in his second year of graduate school at the University of North Dakota. Follow Tom on twitter- @tom_mroz

Travis Pipes, Staff Writer

Travis is a Midwestern transplant from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, currently living in Northern California. He’s a diehard shareholder in the Packers. Travis’s heroes are his Dad, daughter and Vince Lombardi. His all-time favorite Packers are Desmond Howard and Travis Jervey. His girlfriend Alisha is the love of his life and a faithful Raider fan. Travis' other loves are sports statistics, country music and the NFL Network. Travis also follows the Brewers, Badgers and the Golden State Warriors and studied journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Kyle Engman, Staff Writer

Kyle grew up in Northern Wisconsin, about an hour north of Eau Claire. He graduated from Amery High School in 2012 and is currently attending UW-Barron County for a degree in Journalism/Communications. Kyle is the Lead Beat Writer for the Green Bay Packer Writer's division of RSEN as well as contributing analysis articles to Lombardi Ave. If you want more Packer news, be sure to follow Kyle on Twitter (link located conveniently below).

Kevin Dickens, Staff Writer

Bill Walton, Staff Writer

William M “Bill” Walton is an avid writer, sailor, coach, and Packers fan who lived in Neenah, Wisconsin during the 1970s, when Packers teams were usually easy to beat and hard to watch. But as a Packers fan from early boyhood who grew up on Brigantine Island on the Jersey shore, living in nearby Neenah was a dream come true. Bill went to at least one home Packers game every season and played backyard football with neighbors pretending to be Scott Hunter, John Brockington, or Willie Buchanon. He froze body parts to those classic Lambeau bench seats, eagerly awaited halftime on Monday nights to see if Howard Cosell would pick the Packers highlights to narrate, and suffered along with every other Packers fan in those days. Those days are some of his fondest memories. When Bill graduated from Neenah High School in 1979, he moved with his family to Houston Texas and landed smack in the middle of the Houston Oilers “Luv Ya Blue” period. You remember it- the Astrodome, Bum Phillips, Earl Campbell, and Ted Thompson. This did not dampen his enthusiasm for the Packers at all- but it sure cut down on his game attendance. His work in sports television allowed Bill to tune in the network feeds of Packers games in the control room. For many of those years it was still tough to be a Packers fan. In the 1990s Bill changed careers, got married, had a son, and the Packers finally turned things around. Bill has been a “minority owner” of the Green Bay Packers Football Club since 1998. Today Bill lives near Houston with his wife Deneen and son John. His day job is in IT, but only when he can’t make money writing about something. He does a lot of sailing, which is perhaps the only activity he’s as passionate about as being a Packers fan. Bill considers being a father his most important work. Even after more than thirty years in Texas, Bill still misses a few things about Wisconsin. These include winter sports, snow, basements, spring, and Packers games at Lambeau. Not surprisingly, winter sports and snow he doesn’t get much of anymore. They don’t build houses with basements where he lives. And all spring means in Houston, when it starts in March, is that it’ll be blazing hot for the next eight or nine months. Instead of commuting to Green Bay for game days, Bill watches every Packers game at home with family and friends or at one of the many Packers-friendly sports pubs in the area- with Packers fans and friends. Neenah With Pride and Go Pack GO!

Josh Hill, Staff Writer

Josh Hill is Editor of FanSided.com. He has been with FanSided since November 2010 when he joined The Pewter Plank before taking over as Editor at Pippen Ain't Easy the following month, serving as editor until 2012. He has appeared on ESPN Radio and had work featured on SI.com, FOXSports.com, ESPN.com and CBSSports.com.

Darryl Krejci, Staff Writer

Darryl Krejci is a die hard Packer fan and Owner of the Green Bay Packers who graduated from the University of Minnesota. A former Police Officer, he now enjoys time with his family and traveling. Currently employed in the telecommunications industry, he also enjoys teaching, walking and history. He previously wrote sports stories for a local newspaper back in the late 1980's but now looks forward to rekindling his passion for writing with an added sense of humor. You may email Darryl at Darryl.Krejci@gmail.co[email protected], or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

Douglas J. Etten, Staff Writer

Douglas J. Etten was born and raised in a central Wisconsin farm town where he began to love everything Badgers ... Growing up in Wisconsin, you're not given a choice. It's in your blood! One thing you'll always get out of my opinions is strength. No wavering, just the guts from inside the beast! He studied journalism and communications at many Wisconsin universities before becoming a reporter and photographer at his hometown newspaper. A year and a half later, he moved to Minocqua, Wisc., where he now resides, and became sports editor of the largest, bi-weekly newspaper in Wisconsin, The Lakeland Times. Amidst a trip to South Lake Tahoe, where Etten served as regional sports editor for Swift Communication, he learned Wisconsin is where he wanted to be.

Dan, Staff Writer

New to Lombardi Ave. and looking to the eyes of some readers

Luke Hanish, Staff Writer

Having grown up in a small hole-in-the-wall town in Northern Wisconsin, we were always known to have a higher deer population than people. One thing we always had was the Packers. After recently relocating to the Green Bay area I cant thank lombardiave enough for allowing me the privilege to write for them! I finished school last summer with a bachelors in Media Business and look forward to writing about anything and everything green and gold! #PACKERNATION4LIFE!

Kevin Gibson, Staff Writer

Kevin Gibson is a content marketer, free-lance writer and author who regularly contributes to LEO Weekly, Insider Louisville, AlcoholProfessor.com and other publications and blogs. He also posts to his own blog site, 502Brews.com, regularly. In addition, he plays bass and sings in a band called the Uncommon Houseflies, and loves beer, bacon and the Green Bay Packers. He also is the author of Louisville Beer: Derby City History on Draft.

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Adam BestChief Executive Officer

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Patrick AllenVP, Content & Strategy

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