So I’m sitting here exhausted, with my ears ringing after forgetting my earplugs while going to a concert today (The Oranges Band, check em out), and I’m thinking about Brett Favre. I’m really tired of him. I hate him right now, but that won’t diminish the impact he’s had on everyone in association with the Packers. It seems like Favre’s done everything right in his career.

But he’s screwed up. Big time.

With his waffling between retirement the last few years stringing all Packers fans out for a ride none of them really wanted to go on, we all felt that when he retired, he would actually, well, retire. But no. He’s bored. His body keeps telling him to play. Well the whole reason he retired in the first place was because his mind was tired, not his body. So his mind is fine now? I doubt it. As soon as he walks into that meeting room when he’s not the starter, he’s going to want to get the hell out of there as fast as he can. If he goes to another team, he’ll walk into the meeting room, realize he has to learn a new offense, and he’ll get the hell out. There is basically no place for him in the NFL right now. All the playoff capable teams (and even teams not capable of making the playoffs) have quarterbacks in place. Some of the bad teams have young quarterbacks in place they need to develop. The NFL (minus ESPN) has essentially moved on from Favre.

Favre’s screwed up his legacy.

He will eternally be known as a fickle flip-flopper (even moreso than John Kerry). When he’s unretired, he can’t decide whether or not to retire. When he’s retired, he wants to unretire.

Bullshit, Brett.

You’re finished. Your legacy is tarnished. Maybe I’ll forget about all this in three years, but if this does go on for three years, Aaron Rodgers and Tarvaris Jackson are going to be in a mental institution after mental breakdowns. Maybe they should get together for some group therapy.

But anyway, Favre looks like an idiot for putting pressure on the organization to take him back after a tearful retirement. He looks like an even bigger idiot for trying to catch on with the Vikings. He’s making the Packers look like idiots by saying he forced them to retire. The Packers are making the Vikings look like idiots for saying they tampered with him. ESPN are looking like idiots—oh wait, they’re always idiots.

No one is coming out of this looking good.