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More Favre Drama For Your Mama


Yes, your favorite person to read about is back in the news.

According to a FOX Sports report by Jay Glazer, former Packers quarterback Brett Favre called the Detroit Lions before the Packers played in Detroit on September 14, a 48-25 win for the Packers.  Glazer first broke this story on “FOX NFL Sunday”:

"“Favre called the Detroit Lions, starting off with (former Detroit general manager) Matt Millen,” Glazer said. “Matt Millen then put him in touch with the coaching staff and gave the coaching staff like an hour or a 90-minute dissertation, every single thing that the Green Bay Packers do on offense. It’s his former team. He’s calling a division opponent of a team he has nothing to do with any more and just let’s loose all the family secrets. How about that?”"

Glazer later posted the above report on  It also appears that the New York Jets quarterback could be doing his best to sabotage Green Bay’s season:

"Other teams the Packers have played had also heard about the Favre coaching clinic with Detroit. In addition, there have been rumors that Favre has spoken to other teams giving them information, but most of those teams insist they have not heard from the famed gunslinger."

However, there is no rule prohibiting players from calling teams and giving them information on their ex-teams.  It’s something that you just don’t do.  Or at least something it seemed like Favre wouldn’t do.  I was taking a neutral stance towards Favre after the messy divorce from Green Bay, but after this incident, I may have to swing all the way around to “Good riddance” standpoint.  The Packers players aren’t too happy about this either.  Take Charles Woodson:

"“You know, I don’t respect that.  If they call him and he gives them information, that’s one thing. But to seek a team out and feel like, I guess, you’re trying to sabotage this team, I don’t respect that. I know he’s been the greatest player around here for a long time, but there’s no honor in that.”"

Mike Florio, the all-knowing one from Pro Football Talk, had this to say:

"In our view, Brett’s legacy with the Packers has officially been forever stained, if not completely destroyed – unless Favre immediately denies the report, and unless people believe it."

I totally agree with Florio.  Favre is showing that he lacks the capacity to understand.  He can not come to grips with the fact that he was done in Green Bay.  Maybe not physically, but overall, his time was over in Packers News.  It was finally time for him to go.  If he can’t grasp that, he goes down a few notches as a person in my book.  Everyone viewed him as a young boy out there playing the game, but we can now view him as a young boy off the field as well, a young boy who is bitter over having his toys taken away from him.

After losing to the Oakland Raiders, Favre texted BFF Peter King, who appeared on NBC’s “Football Night in America,” and said the report was “total B.S.”  After all the stuff said or supposedly said this summer, I’d have to say Favre has more B.S. than Jay Glazer.

The most curious thing about these rumors is that ESPN stayed quiet over the whole thing.  No links out to Green Bay-area newspapers, not a peep on the NFC North or AFC East blogs until today, when they posted this article from the Associated Press.  According to one of my sources, ESPN said they did not cover “Favre-gate” (I haven’t seen that in print yet) because one of their writers did not break the story (which can be viewed as complete B.S., as Glazer helped break Favre’s retirement and ESPN was all over that, like a fat kid on cake).  Rumors spreading on radio talk shows, however, say that ESPN does not want to help ruin the reputation of their good man Brett.  Which, given ESPN’s perpetual bias, would not be that far-fetched.

In still refusing to have their writers address this situation, ESPN posted Brett Favre’s latest news conference verbatim on the NFC North Blog.

He denies everything.

More to come on this one later.  And there will be more once ESPN determines to set their writers out on it.