Favre Retires…Finally


Today former Packers quarterback Brett Favre announced he was retiring from the NFL and the New York Jets.

Before I say anything else, I’d like to say “Good riddance. I used all my superlatives on you last year.”

But anyway, Favre is one of the best quarterbacks of all-time, meant a lot to Green Bay, was loved by the media, an all-around good guy, yada yada yada.  You know the drill.  ESPN gets on him for a little bit, and soon enough they’ll be off.

Until, of course, they start speculating about how he’ll go to the Minnesota Vikings.

But until then, we’ll enjoy the memories of Brett Favre, all that ESPN can shove down our throats.  Again.

I still have a grudge against this guy.  I feel he is partly responsible for the Packers 6-10 season.  He was a huge distraction this offseason, no matter what they tell you.  Holding a team hostage obviously bothers the playoffs.  He took away from important aspects of the offseason, most notably, I feel that he distracted Ted Thompson from the Ryan Grant contract situation.  Grant’s slow start was crucial to the Packers basically sucking in 2008.

But hey, Favre’s still my favorite player of all-time.  No one (I’m looking at you, Tony Romo) will ever play like him, no matter what anyone says.  You can just fill in a typical ESPN report about his career here.  Hopefully, I’ll be at his induction whenever it is.

Unless, of course, he plays for Minnesota.  In which case, he’s out of my book.  I got an Aaron Rodgers jersey for Christmas; I have no use for the Favre jersey anymore.

But anyway, good riddance/happy trails, Brett Lorenzo Favre.