Theater of the Absurd: 05/07/09


This whole situation just continues to get more and more absurd.  Last night, it was reported that Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress was headed down to Mississippi to visit with Brett Favre and discuss a comeback.  But this morning, a man that is reported to be Childress was seen walking into Vikings head quarters.  Where’s Chilly then?  Minnesota or Mississippi? 

Even more absurd, Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, apparently doesn’t even know anything about the Vikings and Favre’s talks.  According to this USA Today article, Cook had no knowledge of Favre’s desire to return.  This is incredible hard to believe for the man who pushed for Favre’s return in 2008 and successfully orchestrated Jay Cutler‘s trade from the Denver Broncos to the Chicago Bears had no idea of his star clients desires.  From the article:

"Brett Favre’s agent James “Bus” Cook says that the quarterback is not reconsidering his second retirement in as many offseasons.Cook told USA TODAY Wednesday that, after speaking with Favre late Tuesday, “As far as I know, he is retired.”When asked about ESPN reports on Tuesday that the iconic quarterback plans to sit down this week with Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress to discuss a comeback following February retirement from the New York Jets, Cook said emphatically, “To my knowledge, that is not true.”But it is difficult to know for sure with the indecisive Favre, who began changing his mind about his March 2008 retirement from the Green Bay Packers around this time last spring.“As far as I know he is retired and he’s not told me he’s changed his mind,” Cook said Wednesday morning. “I’m on the golf course (Tuesday) and my phone was blowing up with all these messages.“I said what in the world is all this stuff about Brett coming back?“I talked to Brett yesterday. I said, ‘What’s all this about?’ He said, ‘I don’t know. I don’t know where that’s coming from.’”“I would think the first order of business would be that Brett would tell me, ‘Bus, I want to play again.’ That hasn’t happened.”"

That’s pretty unprofessional of Cook not to know that.  He isn’t my favorite person ever, but come on, can you be that stupid not to know what’s going on?

Also, Shaquille O’Neal has tweeted his opinion on the whole ordeal:

"Hey brett favre, dnt retire bro, retire when I retire in 4 yrs, and o yea I will sack u , keep playin You are legend"

I already put my opinion on the state of tweeting yesterday with Nick Barnett‘s post, so I won’t get on that again.  Although I’m not sure what O’Neal means when he says, “o yea I will sack u.”  Probably take care of that ruptured biceps tendon.

Over at Pacman Jonesin, they examine Favre’s vocabulary and how a key word isn’t present in it.  I totally agree with this sentiment as well.  Inside the Iggles says that everyone should be fearless of Favre.  They pose the question, “Why should anyone fear a bitter 40-year-old with a messed up shoulder?”  Good point.

The one thing I’m really wondering about this is how much more absurd this can get.  We’ll have to wait and see.