The Retirement of Brett Favre(s) – Jersey


It’s known to many people that I have been a long time sufferer of the ” jilted girlfriend syndrome” when former Green Bay Packer QB Brett Favre made the decision to retire, un-retire, sign with Jets, retire, then un-retire and sign on with the stinking Minnesota Vikings..

I was sad when he tearfully announced his retirement from the Packers, but I understood.

I was confused when he un-retired and signed with the Jets…but even so, I followed his career with that AFC team that was really of no significance to me or the team that I loved with all my heart.  That “relationship” didn’t last long and he again retired from the NFL.  I thought this time it was over.  He’ll go back to Mississippi and work on his acreage, putt around on the John Deer and we can get back to the idea of retiring his jersey at Lambeau, in Green Bay and we’ll celebrate.  Then 5 years later, he’ll be inducted into the NFL Hall of fame and we’ll celebrate again.

But then the unthinkable happened.  He un-retired for the second time and signed a contract with the Minnesota Vikings.  A team that seems to be the exact opposite of everything the Green Bay Packers stood for and a team that has a fan base that is made up of some of the worst fans in the NFL.

I wondered openly if he had a brain disorder that caused a short circuit which some how made him believe this was a good move for his career and his legacy.  No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to make heads or tails of this situation. But one thing was for sure, I was pissed!

At that point I was OVER Brett Favre!  The day the news was announced, I promptly went to my closet and pulled out my green and gold #4 jersey.  I wadded it up like a disposable paper towel and tossed in a box labeled “Goodwill”, along with various other items I had no use for, like my old coffee maker, some nick nacks that were cluttering up my living room and clothes that have long since gone out of style.  There… that’s what I think about THAT!

So the 2009 season was a good one for BF, big deal..

The 2010 season, not so good.  But even better than the total meltdown of the Vikings organization and circus that was their season..was the truly awe inspiring season that my beloved Green Bay Packers had..and I was right there with them, all the way to becoming the Super Bowl XLV Champions!

Now, there are discussions about welcoming Favre back to the Green Bay Packers organization and officially retiring his jersey, putting his name in the circle of honor.  To that I say.. not yet.

We Packer fans are still relishing the success we had in 2010 and are looking forward to an equally successful 2011 season.  The team is poised to go after the elusive repeat and that needs to be our focus.  We don’t need or want any distractions.

My suggestion to the Packers management is this.. hold that thought.  Shelf the idea for at least 5 years, say, right before he becomes eligible for the NFL Hall of fame.  Time heals all wounds and we may be ready for a jersey retirement ceremony by then.  We have bigger fish to fry right now.

In time, he will probably be most remembered for the years he spent as a Packer.  In ten years or so, new fans of the NFL will probably need the assistance of Google or Wikipedia to learn about his misguided stints with both the Jets and Vikes.

Will I be sorry I tossed out my previously prized possession with my other unwanted junk? Nope.

I know that there are many Favre fans that have other ideas, including my very own spouse.  Feel free to sound off and give me your thoughts on when you think the time is right.