Tahoe is the place to be …


What are your plans the week of July 12-17?
Well, if you’re lucky enough to be a sportswriter at the Tahoe Daily Tribune in South Lake Tahoe, Calif., like my friend and former colleague, Doug Etten, you might be making plans to attend the American Century Championship at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course.
And that’s exactly what Doug is planning to do … like all good journalists, he will not only attend with pen in hand, but questions that we have all wanted to ask the biggest and brightest stars who plan to attend.
Of those who have already committed, the field includes not only professional football players, but Major League Baseball, National Basketball Associatin players, major college basketball players, as well as actors.
Aaron Rodgers, who hails from Chino, Calif., just a couple of hours from Lake Tahoe, will attend, as well as Packers teammates Mason Crosby and A.J. Hawk.
So, to help Doug out, here are some suggestions for questions to throw at some of these distinguished guests.
Of course, we’ll start with the Packers players and work our way down the list:
– Aaron Rodgers: we’ve always heard that your love life is something every male Packers fan dreams about … Would you ever consider holding a raffle (as a fundraiser, of course) for all the excess phone numbers you may have laying around?
– Mason Crosby: Tell us the first word that comes out of your mouth when you bonk a 52-yard field goal attempt off the left upright.
– A.J. Hawk: When you rode the bench during last season’s season opener, were you ready to throttle Dom Capers?
– Jared Allen: Is it true that you have lost a step and regret having made that trip to Favre’s home last August?
– Ray Allen: Why did you leave Milwaukee?
– Marcus Allen: what were you thinking when you were running in circles in that Super Bowl against the Redskins?
– Charles Barkley: Do you ever think of just shutting up?
– Chris Chandler: How much was it that you paid Gary Anderson?
– Trent Dilfer: One name – Gabe Wilkins …
– Herm Edwards: Do you play golf to win the game?
– John Elway: Why do so many hate you?
– Trent Green: Do you and Don Majkowski get together every year to swap stories?
– Lou Holtz: Good God, are you still alive?
– Michael Jordan: Will you give me your T-shirt?
– Jim McMahon: Aren’t you the president of the Charles Martin fan club?
– Kevin Nealon: Will you roll one for me?
– Carson Palmer: Headed to Cincy after this?
– Dan Quayle: Hey buddy, how did things go with that spelling tutor?
– Jerry Rice: How can you deny that you didn’t fumble in that 1998 playoff game against the Packers?
– Tony Romo: I heard you asked to be the place kicker’s holder once again.
– Rex Ryan: Do you really think the Jets would have beaten the Packers in last year’s Super Bowl?
-Sterling Sharpe: For someone with such a big mouth, how did you keep yourself from not talking to the press all those years?
– Ozzie Smith: Can you do a flip for me?
– Ken Whisenhunt: What do you say about that facemask on the last play of the 2009 playoff?
So, there you go, Doug. These should be great ice-breakers to get in tight with these guys. I’m sure they will love you! Have fun!