Here’s how views Green Bay Packers vs. Carolina Panthers

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Mike Daniels makes a stop against the New York Jets. Jim Oxley photograph

Packers defense

• The Packers’ defense looks vulnerable to a Cam Newton-led offense. What areas of the Green Bay defense do you feel the Panthers can exploit?

A. The Packers run defense, up until last week, was being gashed week-in and week-out.

Even last week against the Dolphins Green Bay was inconsistent. So, if there’s an area where the Panthers can move the sticks, it’s on the ground.

Packers fans are hoping that their team turns things around in that category, but when it comes to stopping running and athletic quarterbacks, they have a really poor history.

Cam Newton brings an entirely new set of challenges this week for the defense that might be without their two starting cornerbacks.

The key will be containment and if the Panthers successfully attack the Packers runs defense, it could be a long day for Green Bay.