Green Bay Packers: Midseason ‘Silver Linings’

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Aaron Rodgers. Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Aaron Rodgers

Aside from the QB instability behind him – Aaron Rodgers himself has been a major silver lining for the Packers.

Aside from his rocky start in Seattle and a small backslide in Detroit, Rodgers has been spot on. In fact, he’s been SO good, there is talk of another MVP award in his future, depending on how the second half of the season plays out.

He is having a year to rival his 2011-MVP campaign, and the offense has been rolling as of late. Rodgers’ efficiencies are often even enough to mask the massive inefficiencies that still surround the Packers defense, notably the run defense.

His movement and ability to extend plays is giving his team the edge, even over an explosive opponent.

He makes everyone else better, just by being on the field – though he needs to remain healthy.