Green Bay Packers: Midseason ‘Silver Linings’

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Randall Cobb has helped ignite the Packers’ offense 9n 2014.

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Receiving Corps

With the departure of Donald Driver, Greg Jennings and now James Jones, we weren’t certain about the pressure that would place on Rodgers’ new offensive weapons.

Jordy Nelson has emerged as a HUGE top-talent receiver and has taken over the #1 spot seamlessly. In fact, Nelson has been having a monster year career-wise AND league-wise.

He is currently on pace to smash his old career highs and is keeping in the company of the top-5 receivers in the league.

Randall Cobb, after a rough start, has been looking more like himself. He’s leading the team in touchdowns and is near the top of the league in leading touchdowns, as well.

That tandem is a tough one to stop.

Add into that mix second round pick Davante Adams who has steadily been taking over the #3 receiving spot and earning the trust of Rodgers week in and week out.

He’s been proving to be dynamic and will hopefully continue creating mismatches for opposing defenses who are too busy trying to lock down Nelson and Cobb.