Green Bay Packers: Midseason Missteps – ‘Let’s Be Honest’

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The Green Bay Packers defense – especially the run defense – has been poor. Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Run Defense

To say that this year’s run defense is deplorable – would be the understatement of the year.

Poor to average running backs are feasting on the Green Bay Packers run defense. Let’s take a look at what they have accomplished this year:

Marshawn Lynch – 110 yards and 2 touchdowns
Chris Ivory/Chris Johnson – combined for under 70-yards
Reggie Bush – 61 yards and 1 touchdown
Matt Forte – 122 yards and 0 touchdowns
Matt Asiata – 72 yards and 0 touchdowns
Lamar Miller – 53-yards and 0 touchdowns
Johnathon Stewart – 50 yards and 0 touchdowns
Mark Ingram – 172-yards and 1 touchdown

I see quite a pattern here. When the run defense has held a rusher in check (i.e the Jets, the Lions, the Vikings, the Dolphins and the Panthers), the Packers are 4-1 in those games.

The only loss when holding the premiere running back to under 100 yards, came to the Lions in week three. That loss can be attributed more to the stagnant offense of the Packers than anything else, as the defense did its job and rattled Matthew Stafford all game long.

Everything else can be directly correlated with the lack of run defense.

The Packers’ porous defensive line allowed Marshawn Lynch, Matt Forte and Mark Ingram to absolutely gash them. In fact, Ingram single-handedly gave the Packers no chance to compete, as Drew Brees never felt the need to retain control of the ball and make plays with his arm.

When he did – those plays went for HUGE gains because Ingram solidified the play action pass success rate.

It’s imperative that the Packers get their run defense fixed; not patched – fixed. It’s killing any chance the Packers have at making a real run in the colder, playoff months.