McPeak’s ‘State of the Packers’

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Hopefully, Mike McCarthy will be smiling after the draft.

Sunday night I was often wondering if perhaps I was dreaming – coming off of a bye week the Green Bay Packers had previously been embarrassed by the New Orleans Saints in a 44-23 thumping.

The Packers would be up against a desperate Chicago Bears team that was also coming off of a bye week.

Mike McCarthy was a living testament to his new contract.

Green Bay came out swinging and ended up knocking out the hibernating Bears early. It was the second most lopsided half in NFL history.

At 42-0 it trailed only the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans game in 2009, which the Patriots led 45-0 at the half.

At the end of the night, it wouldn’t be the only record challenged or broken.