Green Bay Packers: Week 10 ‘Silver Linings’

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Aaron Rodgers lets loose … Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Aaron Rodgers is still THE MAN

No matter what the speculation after the initial loss to Seattle – Aaron Rodgers has been at the apex of his career, right here and right now.

Having just turned 30 years old, Rodgers has frequently stated that he would like to continue playing football for another nine-plus years. I’m guessing his mantra will be similar to Tom Brady‘s: “when I suck, I’ll retire.”

Rodgers is in the midst of enjoying another MVP-caliber year, similar in stats to his post-Super Bowl 2011 season. He is on pace for 44 TDs and only 5 INTs on the year.

Unlike Peyton Manning, Rodgers isn’t doing this quietly. He’s been spectacular in games against the Bears (now, twice), Dolphins, Panthers, and Vikings … enjoying a beautiful first half against the New Orleans Saints, before tweaking his hamstring in the third quarter of that loss.

He’s garnished a whole lot of attention from media, specialists and analysts – not the least of all, opponents. Preparing for Aaron Rodgers is probably a pain in the …

At any rate – he’s been outstanding.

He’s the clear front runner in the MVP race, again this year. He’s been consistently making 23 teams look silly; that’s the 23 teams that passed on Mr. Rodgers back in 2005.

He’s the face of this franchise and he’s making everyone associated with it look very, very good.