Packers vs. Bills: View from the other side

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The Trenches

Lombardi Ave: Mario Williams has 12 sacks already on the season and continues to be a great player for the Bills. The team as a whole has 48 sacks on the season as well.

It appears that this game will probably boil down to the matchup between Green Bay’s offensive line and Buffalo’s defensive line. Both squads are performing at the top of the league.

Which front do you see having the biggest impact on Sunday and who wins that battle?

Aaron Rodgers barks out signals as the Packers offense looks for yardage against the Patriots. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Dennis: There is one factor that adds into this mix and it is Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers helps his line out and gets rid of the ball quickly. 

He is a smart QB.  If the Bills can cover down the field for the first 4 seconds, and make Rodgers look for a second or two, I think the Bills defensive line has the advantage but instead of starting from the front and working to its way back to the DB’s it has to be reversed for the Bills to have success up front. 

DB’s need to cover and not allow Rodgers to have open options down the field.

Cameron: The Packers have struggled to keep Rodgers upright against some of the more dominant defensive lines in the league.

Allowing four sacks to the Jets, and three to the Seahawks, Dolphins, and Patriots.

I think the Bills defensive line will get to Rodgers for multiple sacks on the afternoon and will be able to at least contain this high-powered offense, because it seems like nobody can stop it completely.

How is the other side predicting the outcome?