Green Bay Packers: Reflective look at Sunday’s loss

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Mike McCarthy. Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports photograph

McCarthy: Finding the Groove

The play calling has come under fire this week, after McCarthy continued to press the ball down the field through the air, when the running game was having such success.

Many believe that had Eddie Lacy had more touches, the Packers could have run their way to victory instead of leaning on the right arm of Rodgers so heavily. Rodgers threw the ball 42 times. That is very high, even for the Packers’ high-octane offense.

It was almost as if the Packers were playing from so far behind all game, that only air under the ball could erase the deficit. The fact is, the Packers were only down by 8 points, even in the closing minutes.

Holding the Bills to field goals only kept them in the game.

Unlike when the Packers continued pressing the issue of running the ball against the Lions in week three, where it was clearly not working … Lacy was finding huge running lanes on Sunday against Buffalo.

Unfortunately, miscues and drops held the Packers back from taking advantage of their running success in the play action pass. Instead of taking their foot off the gas with Lacy, McCarthy should have seen an out and run it down their throats.

A gassed defense, no matter what the ranking, will deliver big passing plays.

In Tampa, the coaching staff should be more cognizant of what is working and what adjustments should be made.

A more balanced attack, especially against a depleted Tampa defense, will be the answer.