Green Bay Packers: Top 10 offensive linemen of all time

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#10 Chad Clifton

Chad Clifton was a 6-5, 330-pound left tackle selected in the second round in 2000 out of the University of Tennessee. He played 12 years for the Packers and was responsible for protecting Brett Favre‘s and Aaron Rodgers‘ blindsides.

Chad may most be remembered for being decleated by Tampa Bay Bucs defensive tackle Warren Sapp on Nov. 24, 2002, when he suffered a severe pelvic injury.

Clifton returned in 2003 to start all 16 regular season games and two more in the playoffs. He played all 1,031 offensive snaps that season and contributed to establishing a team record for fewest sacks allowed in a season (19).

He played 165 regular season games and started 13 playoff games. He was selected to two Pro Bowls and helped the Packers to the Super Bowl XLV title.

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