Green Bay Packers: Top 10 DBs in team history

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Charles Woodson. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

#4 – Charles Woodson

Here we are, the only currently playing player to appear on the list (excluding the honorable mentions, of course).

Woodson is one of the few players ever brought in through free agency by Ted Thompson, but he’s undoubtedly the biggest success in that area. In fact, the only free agent pickup more impactful in Packers history may be Reggie White.

High praise indeed, but definitely earned.

During his seven-year stint in Green Bay (100 games), Woodson snagged 38 INTs (tied for fourth-mostin team history) while forcing 15 fumbles, and recovering six others, and also grabbing 12 sacks along the way while being an incredibly versatile weapon that Dom Capers was able to efficiently utilize across his defense in an interesting assortment of ways.

Just as with Sharper before him, Woodson was quite excellent in terms of his turnover-forcing capabilities and scoring prowess. Woodson led the league in interceptions twice for the Packers, and led Green Bay himself on four occasions. He managed four seasons with a ridiculous seven-plus interceptions, too.

In terms of scoring, Woodson garnered nine interception return touchdowns and 10 total defensive return touchdowns (both Green Bay records). He also tied yet another team record by having three INT-return touchdowns in a single season.

His contributions and abilities were a major part of how Green Bay managed to survive the slew of injuries faced by the team in 2010 (15 players on IR) to eventually wind up with the latest championship in Packers history that year (and subsequently, his injury in that game is part of what allowed the Steelers to eventually make the contest close toward the end).

You can’t really do much better than that.