Top five Packers vs. 49ers games

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1998: Playoffs 49ers 30, Packers 27

This was the end of the Green Bay Packers dominating run through the 1990s in many ways.

Not only did the Packers lose to the 49ers in dramatic fashion – with Terrell Owens catching the winning touchdown pass on a desperation throw from quarterback Steve Young – but it was also the last game with the Packers organization for both head coach Mike Holmgren and the late, great Reggie White.

When Young threw the dart to Owens for the winning TD, it was a play that grinds many Packers fans the wrong way – not only did Young throw the ball up for grabs, but it was a play that never should have been. Just a few plays before, Jerry Rice clearly fumbled, but the referees didn’t see it and the Niners kept possession. It was also a play that led to the permanent institution of replay in the NFL.

On top of that miscue by the referees, the Packers had another chance to seal the game when cornerback Craig Newsome dropped a sure interception just before Young and Owens connected.

Regardless, it was a game for the ages, despite the loss by the Packers.

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