Green Bay Packers: Week 8 fantasy profile

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Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy (27) runs the ball against the San Francisco 49ers. Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

RB – Eddie Lacy, James Starks

Last Game:
Lacy – 4 carries, 3 rushing yards, 2 catches, 17 yards; 2.00 fantasy points
Starks – 10 carries, 112 rushing yards, 1 catches, 5 yards, 2 TDs (1 rush, 1 receiving); 23.70 fantasy points

A week after Green Bay had massive running issues against St. Louis, it had seemed that things would turn around against the lackluster Chargers defense.

It did, but how it happened was surprising.

Lacy did just about nothing, only seeing 6 touches all day and fumbling on one of them. The coaching staff talked about feeling like Starks may have a strong game, and they were right; only 11 touches resulted in 117 combined yards and 2 TDs on a day that the offense didn’t get many chances.

James Starks.

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

It’s been perplexing as to why Lacy has been playing so poorly this year. Rumors have been everywhere on this subject; everything from injuries to fatigue, being overweight to just plain not being effective.

With a week off to fully heal, his running mate Starks dealing with his own injury problems, and a defense that is well-suited for playing the pass, this would be a nice time for him to step up.

I think he will, to a point. As long as Starks is able to play, it would be foolish to not give him carries if he can continue to be effective; a timeshare would be great in keeping the defense on their heels while letting both players effectively run at them.

If Starks is unable to go (a definite possibility at this point) then Lacy’s production is going to be even more essential.

Either of these two could do something here, but neither is at the point where we can really trust them to do much until they prove themselves capable — either through health or on-field contributions. If you feel up to picking one though, Lacy is the more likely bet for now; his status as likely starter, Starks’ injury and the extra time he’s had to heal set him up for a majority share of the carries.

Week 8 Prediction:
Lacy – 55 rushing yards, 20 receiving yards; 7.50 fantasy points
Starks – 30 rushing yards, 25 receiving yards; 5.50 fantasy points

Verdict: Low-End Starter — If No Starks (Lacy); Low-Reward Injured Backup (Starks)