Green Bay Packers: Week 8 fantasy profile

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Davante Adams. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

WRs –Randall Cobb, Davante Adams, James Jones, Ty Montgomery

Last Game:
Cobb – 2 catches, 38 receiving yards; 3.80 fantasy points
Adams – 0 catches, 0 receiving yards; 0.00 fantasy points (Out Due To Injury)
Jones – 2 catches, 30 receiving yards, 1 TD; 9.00 fantasy points
Montgomery – 2 catches, 11 receiving yards, 1 rush, 4 rush yards; 1.50 fantasy points

After the week off following some underwhelming weeks, this receiving group is finally poised to be much closer to full strength.

Randall Cobb. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

While it is a downer that Montgomery is now the injured party of the group, the only trustworthy deep threat sans Jordy Nelson has returned. Davante Adams could be what the offense needs to be able to open up the field deep; his absence has played a major role in the constricted attack in recent weeks.

With the aforementioned injury to Montgomery, if Adams really has healed he should immediately be looked at to produce. His work in the intermediate and deep should be able to let the underneath players have room to work against what should be tight coverage.

Randall Cobb could see a ton of Aqib Talib, or maybe Chris Harris Jr.; either way, an elite coverage man will be glued to his side. The extra spacing provided by Adams will be much-needed. I don’t expect Cobb have a big day, but being the top receiver in this offense he’s likely to get plenty of targets.

James Jones will see some action as well, but unlike the others he doesn’t have nearly the same level of speed. He also tends to be a do-more-with-less guy, producing multiple games this year where he’s produced few catches but made the most of them. I think he may have that type of game again this week, producing either a big play or a score in few chances.

Really, it’s hard to pick any one guy who may stand out in the tough matchup. As a group, they’ll likely do a decent job, but my thinking expects the fantasy production to be split pretty evenly among these top three.

Week 8 Predictions:
Cobb – 7 catches, 60 receiving yards; 6.00 fantasy points
Adams – 4 catches, 75 yards; 7.50 fantasy points
Jones – 1 catch, 5 receiving yards, 1 TD; 6.50 fantasy points
Montgomery – Likely Out Due To Injury

Verdicts: Target Leader (Cobb); TD Pass Vulture (Jones); Rejuvenated Deep Threat Yardage (Adams); Send Him To The Healing Chamber (Montgomery)

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