Green Bay Packers: Top 10 players of the 2000s

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Brett Favre.

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2. Brett Favre

30,761 yards, 207 touchdowns, 6 Pro Bowls and 2 NFC Player of the Year awards.

That is exactly what Brett Favre accomplished for the Green Bay Packers after the turn of the new millennium. He added an additional 1,921 passing yards with 14 touchdowns in the postseason during that same span.

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  • Favre brought us everything from a controversial record-breaking sack to a performance on Monday Night, just a day after his father’s death, that none of us will ever forget during this stretch. An emotional game which Favre posted 250 yards through the air by halftime.

    Brett Favre played tremendous football through the early 2000s, while dealing with the death of his father, the death of his brother-in-law, a cancer diagnosis to his wife and hurricane Katrina, which ravaged the area around his home.

    He also managed to rewrite every passing record known to man at the time. While he kept the Packers’ faithful on their toes to the fact of his retirement, his body of work can’t be overshadowed.

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