Packers preseason 2017: Which wide receivers stay, who gets the boot

DETROIT, MI - JANUARY 1: Jeff Janis /
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DETROIT, MI – JANUARY 1: Jeff Janis /

Which wide receivers will make the Green Bay Packers roster, and who will get the boot?

Though opinions may vary on just how talented the Packers’ roster may be once you get passed Aaron Rodgers and a few other star-caliber players, the vast majority of objective observers would be less than truthful if they claimed not to be impressed by the team’s current crop of athletes at the wide receiver position.

Ted Thompson and company annually do bang-up work in procuring the coaching staff with the types of wideouts that possess the intangibles and next-level characteristics that can keep their veteran pass catchers on their toes.

The established veteran that potentially has the most to lose this summer is a seventh-year pro that hasn’t been able to build off a momentous 2014 campaign that led to his signing a 4-year, 40-million contract.

That individual, of course, is Randall Cobb, who despite the fact that he’ll only be 27 at the start of the regular season, may be on an irreversible downward trajectory in terms of being a consistent game breaker.

Though Cobb has deservedly been a fan-favorite for his impeccable character and physical skills throughout his Packer tenure, he has already taken a back seat to Davante Adams as Rodgers’ No. 2 target.

No. 18’s ever-more frequent nicks and assortment of setbacks have led to in-game exits, as well as entire weeks in which Cobb was in no condition to suit up.

So, while the team’s primary slot man will probably keep his roster spot for one more season, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any Packers’ supporter if the 5-foot-10 weapon gets supplanted by an emerging youngster during the course of the year.

Here are the pass-catching hopefuls that are vying for one of five to seven jobs, three of which should already be locked down barring any catastrophic injuries to the men occupying those roles (Cobb, Adams and Jordy Nelson).

None of these ancillary components are guaranteed much of anything, but some have more to prove than others. Let’s examine the odds of each of these players remaining in a green and gold uniform.