Packers roundtable: How many games will Green Bay win in next four weeks?

GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 28: Jamaal Williams
GREEN BAY, WI - SEPTEMBER 28: Jamaal Williams /

How many games will the Green Bay Packers win in the next four weeks? The Lombardi Ave staff look ahead in the latest roundtable discussion.

Green Bay enters a critical four-game stretch that could ultimately determine whether Aaron Rodgers returns this year.

With winnable games against Baltimore, Tampa Bay and Cleveland on the calendar, it’s not out of the question the Packers could string together a few wins and open the door for a Rodgers return for the final few regular season games.

Outside of the 7-2 Steelers who the Packers play in

Week 12, the three aforementioned clubs are a combined 7-20 on the year.

How many games will the Packers win in the next four weeks?

Ralph Mancini: All four games are very winnable in that each of Green Bay’s next four opponents are heavily flawed squads to varying degrees and none come close to heavyweights like the Patriots, Eagles, Saints or Rams.

However, the Packers will be encountering a well-rested and desperate team this week in the Baltimore Ravens that feature a rock-solid defense and an offense that will be bolstered by the return of Danny Woodhead.

CHICAGO, IL – NOVEMBER 12: Brett Hundley
CHICAGO, IL – NOVEMBER 12: Brett Hundley /

No, the Ravens’ attack is a modest one of the pop-gun variety, but the team plays hard for coach John Harbaugh and should be expected to bring its “A” game to Lambeau Field.

I expect a close, low-scoring contest, but one that will see the Packers come up short versus an adversary that is still very much in the playoff hunt.

As for the Week 12 Sunday night tilt versus the Steelers, here is yet another case where the Packers will be facing a fresh team that will be coming off a 10-day break.

Yet, Ben Roethlisberger is a shell of his former self, which now makes him an inconsistent performer.

The issue I have in forecasting a win in this spot is that the Black and Gold seem to play up in their prime-time matchups. Another factor is the reemergence of Martavis Bryant that will give the boys from Packers News another playmaker to account for in addition to Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster.

In addition, the Steelers game will be played on the road against a much-improved Pittsburgh defense. I anticipate another Packers’ loss in this spot.

The last two games are where the Brett Hundley-led Packers right the ship versus two organizations (the Bucs and Browns) that are in worse shape.

Green Bay should be able to dominate both quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick and DeShone Kizer. The former will likely end up reverting into an interception machine the more defenses are exposed to him.

Kizer, on the other hand, just flat out misses too many throws to be effective. An accuracy rate of 52.8 percent doesn’t bode well for the young triggerman.

Projected four-game record: 2-2

Evan Siegel: The Packers will win two of their next four games. They don’t have enough speed defensively to match up with the Steelers, and won’t have enough offensive firepower to beat the Ravens. Baltimore is simply too disciplined defensively to surrender points to Brett Hundley.

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Against Tampa Bay, Green Bay will have an easier time however. They will get some of their injured pieces back and have a chance to score on the inferior Bucs defense. Tampa Bay’s offense is out of sorts as well. Against Cleveland, Green Bay will take advantage of the Browns’ ineptitude from top to bottom.

Projected four-game record: 2-2

Joe D’Aloisio: The next four games are critical if the Packers want to make the postseason. And they have a great chance of going 3-1 in that span. The four opponents currently have a combined 14-22 record. 

Their only loss should be against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. The Steelers are riding a four-game win-streak and will likely extend that against Tennessee this week. Hundley and company will struggle during that primetime matchup.  

However, looking at the other three opponents — Baltimore, Tampa Bay and Cleveland — the Packers have a great chance to save their season. The Ravens have been extremely inconsistent, Joe Flacco seems to have lost his touch and the defense gives up a ton of yards. 


As for the Buccaneers, their season is trending in the wrong direction. Coach Dirk Koetter has lost control of the locker room and Jameis Winston is dealing with a shoulder injury. If Ryan Fitzpatrick is the starting quarterback, the Packers should win. 

And lastly, the Browns. Well, the Browns are the Browns and their season is in disarray once again. Right now they are the only winless team in the NFL. Could they have a win before Green Bay comes to town? Of course, but it’s unlikely. 

A 3-1 stretch will put the Packers at 8-5 and right back in the playoff mix.

Projected four-game record: 3-1

Brad Miller: The schedule is favorable. Three of the next four opponents are struggling more than the Packers. It’s realistic they could go 3-1. That is if Hundley continues to grasp the offense and gets more comfortable as the starter. If he regresses or gets confused by a defense scheme he encounters over the next four games then it could be a sad situation.

The Ravens and Packers are on the same level currently, but the game is in Lambeau. Hundley has a win under his belt. The defense is not playing great, but has been better. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has been fighting off injuries and is in the twilight of his career. Green Bay’s offense gets things going and win a close one.

Traveling to Pittsburgh is a tough game even with Rodgers. Saying that, the Steelers offense is not playing like the powerhouse it can be. So, the Packers could pull an upset. Big Ben has had an off year and Martavis Bryant seems to be lobbying to leave the steel city. I think the Packers will keep it close but fall short late in the game.

Tampa is another team that is having a hard time getting things going. I am not sure where Doug Martin has been this season (averaging 3.3 yards per carry). Jameis Winston, when not injured, has been ineffective as well. The Packers will be fueled by the home crowd and pull off a win.

Going to winless Cleveland could be a danger game for the Packers especially if they win the two or three prior to it.

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The Packers should win three of the next four games and then the question arrives: “How close is Rodgers to coming back as the Packers sit at 8-5 at in playoff contention?” Will Detroit and Minnesota have their in-season slide by then?

Projected four-game record: 3-1