Packers: Jimmy Graham in top three of 2018 NFL tight end rankings

SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 31: Tight end Jimmy Graham
SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 31: Tight end Jimmy Graham /
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(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

5. Jordan Reed (Washington Redskins)

Jordan Reed has never played a full season. Yet, he still manages to be one of the best tight ends in football whenever he is healthy. I think his numbers will improve with Alex Smith throwing to him. If he is healthy in 2018, his production could look a little closer to that of 2015.

4. Zach Ertz (Philadelphia Eagles)

Ertz played a big role in helping Nick Foles when he filled in for Carson Wentz at the end of last season. He also still managed to put up good numbers and be productive even when Wentz got injured. Ertz should be one of the top tight ends in football over the next few seasons.

3. Jimmy Graham (Green Bay Packers)

The Jimmy Graham signing by the Packers was one of the best in free agency this offseason, and I expect him to be an All-Pro candidate again this season. He caught a ton of touchdowns last year with Russell Wilson, and he has a chance to catch even more this year with Aaron Rodgers. He is the best red zone tight end after Rob Gronkowski.

2. Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs)

Kelce may not be used quite as much this year going from conservative passer Alex Smith to gunslinger Patrick Mahomes, but he is still the best receiver in the Kansas City offense. Kelce is very well-rounded and could be the best tight end in football in a few years.

1. Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots)

My gut is telling me that Gronk may only have a year or two left, but as long as he continues to dominate and is semi-healthy, he will be number one on this list. Gronkowski is the best tight end of all time, and may be the best player in football when he is at his peak.

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