3 former Packers that fans would love to see back in 2020

Mike Daniels (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Mike Daniels (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /
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Green Bay Packers, Jordy Nelson
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Packers fans are notoriously sentimental when it comes to former players. Here are three former Packers who fans would love to have back right now.

Green Bay has been a team that would rather cut a player too early than too late. We’ve seen it before with players like Charles Woodson, who still had some gas in the tank, back in 2013.

Oftentimes, when the Packers cut a player, they are done with them and don’t bring them back. You could call Ahman Green an exception, who left after the 2006 season and returned in 2009 for eight games when the Packers sorely needed help at running back.

With Brian Gutekunst in control, things may be a little different. He certainly hasn’t been afraid to spend money in free agency, something Ted Thompson wasn’t willing to do. Maybe Gutekunst would be able willing to bring back former players if they are able to contribute. Here are three former Packers that could possibly contribute and would make nostalgic Packers fans happy.

(Note: this is NOT what I think the Packers will or should do.)

1. Jordy Nelson

Bringing back Jordy Nelson is not likely to happen and in all likelihood won’t, but could you imagine how happy Packer fans would be if they brought back Aaron Rodgers’ all-time favorite target? I’m sure it would also make them feel better about the Packers’ current corps of receivers. Having a top four of Davante Adams, Nelson, Allen Lazard, and Devin Funchess wouldn’t be too bad.

At 35 years old, I don’t think Nelson has a whole lot left in the tank but it would be fun to see the Packers give Rodgers his old buddy back for his final run over the next couple of years. With Green Bay drafting Jordan Love in the first round, it’s clear Rodgers may be gone in the next few years and I’m sure fans would love to send him out with a few Super Bowl rings with his old friend before we move into the Jordan Love era.