Packers: Quarterback uncertainty is top training camp storyline

Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love, Aaron RodgersApc Packerstrainingcamp 0817201049
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love, Aaron RodgersApc Packerstrainingcamp 0817201049 /

In a few weeks, the Green Bay Packers will return for training camp.

It’s an exciting part of the summer as it means the offseason is over and the team is back to make its final preparations for the new season, which is now only two months away.

Unfortunately for the Packers, the ongoing question about Aaron Rodgers‘ future remains the headline story.

Quarterback uncertainty is Packers’ top training camp storyline

Unless Rodgers announces before the start of training camp that he either plans to show up or not — something he avoided earlier this week — it will be the number one question on the day the veterans report to camp.

The Packers’ rookies will report to training camp on July 23, followed by the veteran players on July 27. That will be the key date in finding out whether Rodgers plans to attend training camp.

If Rodgers no-shows the start of training camp, we can assume his holdout isn’t set to end anytime soon, and that would put his status for the regular season in serious doubt. Missing practice time in July and August would make it difficult to prepare fo the new season, which could put the Packers in a tough spot. They’d then have to plan to start with either Jordan Love or Blake Bortles.

However, if Rodgers does attend the first day of training camp, this entire story comes to an end. The Packers would have their MVP quarterback back on the practice field, and the team could prepare for another Super Bowl push in the 2021 season.

The Packers meet the New Orleans Saints in their regular-season opener on September 12. That’s just 65 days from now. We don’t know whether Rodgers will be starting at QB that afternoon.

Unfortunately, we might not get a better idea until training camp begins a couple of weeks from now.