5 Packers players who could follow Joe Barry out of the door

Joe Barry is officially out as Packers DC, but what players are soon to follow?
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4. Rudy Ford

Although he ended the year on injured reserve, there was a curious decrease in snaps for Rudy Ford late in the season that has led some to believe he's had one foot out the door for quite some time.

Ford has bounced around the league over the last handful of years, trying to make his way on special teams as a back-end-of-the-roster type of player. He ended up being a really nice find for the Green Bay Packers over the last two seasons, starting 15 of the 30 games he played.

His decrease in usage late in the 2023 season was very odd, considering he was probably playing the best football of his entire career. Ford allowed just over 60 percent of throws into his coverage to be completed and a QB rating allowed of just 65.0 -- the best of his career.

With two interceptions and only one touchdown allowed, Ford put some great stuff on tape in 2023, but he's going to be 30 in 2024, and the Packers might want to dip into the free-agent market for players with a higher "floor" in 2024. Ford is a risky proposition, given the volatility of his NFL career prior to coming to Green Bay, and there are better alternatives.