All 15 head coaches in Packers history ranked from worst to best

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Across the spectrum of every professional sport in America, the Green Bay Packers are one of the most renowned organizations in history. The Packers are an international brand, one of the most decorated NFL franchises of all time, and that rich history has certainly involved some tremendous coaches.

As a matter of fact, you really have to dig to find the "worst" coaches in Green Bay Packers history. Most Packers fans in this generation don't really know what it's like for the franchise to struggle unless you consider losing in the playoffs to be that bad of a struggle. Fans of other franchises would love to have their team even get the opportunity to lose.

But the standard is different in Green Bay, and there's a reason for that. This team has had tremendous players and Hall of Fame coaching. But who are the best coaches in franchise history, and who are the worst?

All 15 Green Bay Packers head coaches ranked from worst to best

15. Ray McLean (1953, 1958)

Ray McLean was a professional football player for the Chicago Bears for eight years from 1940-47, and found himself rising through the NFL coaching ranks as a "backfield" coach for the Packers in the 50s.

Unfortunately, when he got the opportunity to be the Packers' head coach, things didn't go very well. Despite having a loaded roster at the time, McLean's Packers went 1-10-1, paving the way for McLean to resign after the 1958 season. He was replaced by Vince Lombardi.

14. Gene Ronzani (1950-1953)

From 1950-53, Gene Ronzani put together a record of 14-31-1 for the Green Bay Packers as the team's head coach. Another former Chicago Bears player who ended up coaching the backfield under George Halas, Ronzani became the second head coach in Packers' history after Curly Lambeau.

Perhaps Ronzani's biggest contribution to Green Bay Packers history is making green a primary color of the team's uniforms. The Packers previously wore blue and gold uniforms under Curly Lambeau.

13. Lisle Blackbourn (1954-57)

Lisle Blackbourn finished his coaching career in Green Bay with a record of 17-31 over four seasons, Blackbourn was fired in 1958 after refusing to resign from his position. The third head coach in Green Bay Packers history, Blackbourn was a native of Wisconsin and spent his entire coaching career -- high school, college, professional -- in the state of Wisconsin. After his coaching career, Blackbourn would re-join the Packers as a scout.