A deeper look at the Packers' concerning backup QB situation

  • Packers' backup QB depth is concerning
  • Should they sign a veteran?
  • Could Sam Darnold make sense?

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Jordan Love certainly has big shoes to fill in the QB position for the Green Bay Packers this season, but just who will have his back? Who will be the backup QBs come the start of the season?

At one time, it seemed impossible that the great Aaron Rodgers wouldn't be the QB for the Green Bay Packers, but nightmares and disappointments sure are a real and tangible thing in this world. Sorry kids.

But in the end, seeing one QB (even if he was one of the greats to play the game), go and another sign up for the challenge, it’s a promising thing after all, despite concerns.

Training camp is set to get underway at the end of the month—specifically July 26th—and by that time, things should be in order and plans should of course already be made as to where they're going as a team.

But as of last week, the question still remained as to just who would fill the spot(s) of backup QB(s). The speculation was that the potential players included Danny Etling and Sean Clifford.

Etling has had quite the career, dating back to 2018 in which he played for the New England Patriots. Since then he's made stops in Atlanta, Minnesota, the Seahawks, the Jaguars and even in Canada's CFL with the roaring BC Lions.

He was briefly signed to the Packers in 2021 and returned to the team in 2022.

Clifford is fresh off of a college ball career. He played with Penn State and has had more than a promising career thus far at that level. This will be his first season in the NFL.

So how's that for a couple of backup QBs? Well, as it turns out, this is where it gets a tad sketchy…

Pro Football Network's Dalton Miller had a special look at 32 of the top backup QBs in the league, and these two gentlemen didn’t even make the cut. Just how does that look in the grand scheme of things?

The question can be made though: Will they ever even play? The records show that over sixty backup QBs started a game with their respective teams during the course of last season.

Should the Packers sign a veteran quarterback?

Chances are indeed likely that a Packers backup QB will see game time, depending on the health and readiness of the Packers' new choice at the helm of a team that sadly had a very disappointing last season (Jordan Love).

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But what if the Packers add a veteran? None other than Sam Darnold could make sense as a candidate to take a spot as backup QB this season for the Packers.

If we entertain this for a moment, where would this leave the aforementioned Etling and Clifford?

Darnold is currently signed with the San Francisco 49ers, but he just may be available if he loses out during what can be called the 49ers' own backup QB position race.

Time will undoubtedly tell, but it seems as though a lot of thought is going into just who will replace Jordan Love should something negative occur during the season, or God Forbid, training camp.

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