Everything we know about Green Bay Packers schedule release 2024

Here's everything to know about the 2024 Packers schedule release.
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

With the NFL Draft in the books, attention shifts to the upcoming schedule release. We already know the Green Bay Packers' opponents for the 2024 season, but the order of those games will be revealed soon.

The Packers' plans for the season are underway. They are in phase two of the offseason program, have already held their rookie minicamp, and now move quickly toward OTAs, which begin later this month.

The NFL surprisingly keeps its schedule plans under wraps, often only announcing the date of the schedule release a few days before.

Here's everything we know so far.

When will the 2024 Packers schedule get released?

According to Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, the NFL schedule release is planned for Wednesday, May 15. He notes that this is six days after teams were expecting the reveal.

It remains unclear whether the NFL will announce any notable games, such as the Thanksgiving or International Series schedule, earlier than that.

Packers will play against Eagles in Brazil in Week 1

The Packers already know their Week 1 opponents. Last month, the NFL announced that Green Bay's road game against the Philadelphia Eagles will be played at Arena Corinthians in São Paulo, Brazil.

This could lead to some logistical problems for the Packers. Team president Mark Murphy said it could put the Packers at a "competitive disadvantage" due to a smaller airport creating travel issues.

However, the advantage is that Green Bay plays Philadelphia at a neutral site and not in a true road game. The Packers are one of the most popular teams in Brazil, which could give them a home-field edge.

Who are the Packers' opponents in 2024?

Home Games

Road Games

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

Arizona Cardinals

Jacksonville Jaguars

San Francisco 49ers

Los Angeles Rams

Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans

Indianapolis Colts

Seattle Seahawks

New Orleans Saints

Philadelphia Eagles (Brazil)

Miami Dolphins

The Packers already know their 17 opponents for the 2024 season. There are plenty of must-see games coming up, including a playoff rematch against the San Francisco 49ers, a showdown between Jordan Love and C.J. Stroud, and, of course, the first-ever NFL game in Brazil.

How many games will Packers play at Lambeau Field in 2024?

Since the NFL moved to 17-game seasons, the NFC and AFC alternate between hosting eight or nine games. This year, every NFC team has the additional home game, which means Green Bay will play nine games at Lambeau Field.

Two years ago, one of the Packers' games at Lambeau was moved to London, so this is the first time they will get the benefit of the additional home matchup.

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