3 former Packers starters who might be done in the NFL in 2024

Which former Packers starters could be done in the NFL?
Green Bay Packers
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The 2023 season may have been the end of the line for a number of notable former Green Bay Packers players.

Father Time spares no one when it comes to the NFL, even players who have carved out such special places in the hearts of fans.

Which notable former Packers players could be completely done in the NFL as we head into the 2024 season? Let's take a look at three of the most prominent names who are technically still free agents, but might not get looks from other NFL teams.

These former Packers starters could be completely done in the NFL

1. Randall Cobb, wide receiver

Randall Cobb has been in the NFL since 2011, but the 2023 season might have been his last. Cobb landed a gig with a lot of his former Packers buddies in New York with the Jets, catching just five passes over the course of the season.

If it is the end of the line for Cobb, he will have enjoyed one of the most productive careers anyone could have possibly imagined when he came out of Kentucky. He's been in the NFL for 13 seasons, 10 of which came in Green Bay, and he's 11th all-time in Packers history in receiving yards.

2. David Bakhtiari, offensive tackle

One of the best left tackles in the league for a stretch of time, injuries have taken their toll with David Bakhtiari, who was cut by the Packers earlier this offseason. There have been multiple reports that the former All-Pro left tackle is planning on playing this season, which feel like a bit of a desperate plea for work.

With quality offensive line help in the NFL in such short supply, it's going to be interesting to see what the future holds for Bakhtiari. Is he only accepting starting gigs? Would he be a swing tackle? What teams out there could afford to rely on him with his limited availability and time on task the last two seasons?

We may have seen the last of Bakhtiari on an NFL field.

3. Marcedes Lewis, tight end

As of the 2023 season, tight end Marcedes Lewis has played a whopping 18 years in the NFL. He's been one of the league's best blocking tight ends over that timeframe, and a trustworthy player over nearly two entire decades.

Although he was never overly dynamic as a receiver, Lewis picked his spots in that phase of the game. As a former first-round pick, he certainly wasn't a game-changer in the passing game but how many players last 18 years in the league?

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