Former Packers who could still play if they came out of retirement in 2024

Which retired former Packers players still got it?
Casey Hayward
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You certainly can't bank your roster-building strategy on players coming out of retirement, but you never know when the right opportunity might present itself. If only the Green Bay Packers had any experience with players retiring and then coming out of retirement in the past...

All kidding aside, you always have to be ready for opportunities when they come about, and with the way the NFL rosters and practice squads are structured these days, it wouldn't be overly shocking to see the Packers take chances on former players who have retired (or considered retirement, or been dormant in the NFL for years).

Maybe some of these players haven't officially filed retirement papers with the NFL, but there are a handful of former Packers who could still play at a high level if they decided to return.

This isn't to say these players will come out of retirement, but if they did, we believe they could still play at a high level.

1. Blake Martinez, LB

Technically, Blake Martinez may already be out of retirement. Martinez put down the counterfeit Pokémon hobby for a bit and had a cup of coffee last season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, playing in one game and racking up four tackles.

The former Stanford star and Packers linebacker could be an option to give a shot on the 90-man roster this offseason, or maybe use down the line as a veteran exception on the practice squad. Even though he's only played eight games over the last three years, Martinez is just 30 years of age and was once an absolute tackling machine with the Packers.

Perhaps he could have a late-career revival in Green Bay for a year or two.