Latest projections prove Aaron Rodgers has no more excuses

No excuses for Aaron Rodgers in 2024.
Aaron Rodgers
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There are no more excuses for Aaron Rodgers in the 2024 season. The grass was supposed to be so much greener when Rodgers left the Green Bay Packers for the New York Jets, but he unfortunately suffered a season-ending injury in his first game last year as a Jet. After a disappointing final season in Green Bay and an injury-shortened year in 2023, the stars are aligned for Rodgers to have a big-time comeback year in 2024.

ESPN's Mike Clay ranked every roster in the NFL and the New York Jets were on the very top of his list, somewhat surprisingly. The Jets had the same overall roster 'grade' as the San Francisco 49ers, but were ranked first overall. The Packers ranked 12th, in case you were wondering.

But the Jets ranking first overall in roster quality compared to the entire NFL puts the pressure squarely on Aaron Rodgers. With such a talented team around him, Rodgers has no excuses not to go out there this season and help the Jets end the longest playoff drought currently in the NFL. He has no excuse not to go out and win NFL Comeback Player of the Year. Rodgers doesn't have the excuse of not being able to pick his coaches or teammates. He has no excuse of not being able to hand-craft his situation.

It's Super Bowl or bust for Aaron Rodgers and New York Jets in 2024

Everything that happens in New York this year -- good or bad -- is going to reflect on Rodgers. Mike Clay's roster rankings are just one of many roster rankings floating around this offseason, but the Jets are generally very highly thought of. Pro Football Focus has the Jets ranked as the fourth-best roster in the NFL right now. Pro Football Network also ranks them fourth in the league.

The last postseason game Rodgers played in was 2021. He hasn't played up to the hype in many playoff games, even in big games the Green Bay Packers have won. Given how messy things were between he and the Packers at the time he was traded, there's going to be a huge spotlight on him all year and he will be under the microscope in a big way.

And frankly, it's fair to say that Rodgers might be set up for failure a bit. As good as the Jets' roster is, Rodgers has very little game experience with this team. He wasn't playing overly well in his final season with the Packers, not what we've come to expect from him, even if you don't grade on the MVP curve. He's now north of 40 years old and coming off of an Achilles injury. That's not a great recipe in the first place.

What's going to happen with all of that pressure heaped upon him? People are expecting him to play at an MVP-caliber level. The expectations are going to be even higher because of the quality of the roster around him. Jets fans are beyond the point of frustration with the team's lack of success.

There are simply no excuses for Rodgers this year. He has to thrive in a situation he curated for himself.

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