Michael Pratt had hilariously unique way of finding out Packers drafted him

Michael Pratt
Michael Pratt / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst said he wanted to start drafting quarterbacks every year like Ron Wolf used to, and he wasn't lying.

The Packers used their penultimate pick in the seventh round to select Tulane's Michael Pratt, who many predicted could go as early as the fourth. Bleacher Report's Jordan Schultz said several teams he has spoken to believe Pratt can become a starter.

Pratt has a chance to win the backup job behind Jordan Love and develop in a great quarterback room with Tom Clements guiding him before potentially getting traded to a team looking for a starter.

Considering Pratt was viewed by many as a potential fourth-round pick, you would think he would feel stressed as the picks slowly ticked away and the draft neared its conclusion.

But it was the total opposite.

Michael Pratt had to get out of pool to take call from Packers during NFL Draft

One of the best parts of draft weekend is watching prospects getting the call to say they're being drafted. It's usually an emotional moment, as we saw with Javon Bullard's incredible reaction to getting drafted by the Packers in Round 2.

Pratt had one of the funniest and most relaxed moments you'll ever see. He had to actually get out of a swimming pool to answer the call from the Packers.

That's our quarterback.

Unfortunately for Pratt, he won't be relaxing in the pool too often in a frozen Green Bay during the NFL season.

"Get your jackets ... Green Bay," Pratt said to his friends and family after the call.

What an incredible moment. Joking aside, it can't have been easy for Pratt having to patiently wait for his name to be called. And as the draft neared an end, he must have wondered whether his moment would ever come.

Not only did he get drafted, but Pratt ended up in an ideal landing spot. He gets time to learn and develop in a talented quarterback room. Getting at least a season or two being coached by Tom Clements is a huge bonus.

Pratt will want a starting job eventually, but spending time in Green Bay will help him prepare for that moment.

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