NFL Rumors: 3 Jaire Alexander trade packages Packers can't refuse

Would the Packers be able to turn down these offers for star corner Jaire Alexander?
Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers wouldn't seriously consider trading cornerback Jaire Alexander, would they?

Would they?

The NFL trade deadline is usually full of more rumors and speculation than actual substance, but every now and again, there are blockbuster trades that pop up and teams are willing to do desperate things when it comes to finding competitive windows.

There will always be aggressive GMs looking to make big deals whenever they possibly can because a missed opportunity at the trade deadline could be the difference between winning and losing in January, and maybe February.

Now, the Green Bay Packers aren't out here doing favors for other teams, but with the Packers dropping to 2-3 before the bye, what happens if this team drops even further after their road trip to Denver? The Packers have games against the 1-5 Broncos and 2-4 Vikings before the bye. Those two games could give GM Brian Gutekunst a really good pulse on where his team is at before the October 31 trade deadline.

If he feels like his team is heading on a downward spiral, you can't help but wonder if he might try to load up on picks and be as armed as possible to make a major QB change in 2024 as possible.

3 trade proposals for Jaire Alexander the Green Bay Packers can't turn down

1. Jaire Alexander to the Miami Dolphins

Jaire Dolphins trade

The Miami Dolphins have picks in the first- and second-round of the 2024 NFL Draft, but with the way their roster is constructed, I don't think they would care if they don't have first- or second-round picks for the foreseeable future. This Dolphins team seemingly has everything they need, except the cornerback position is a bit of a question mark.

They lost Jalen Ramsey before the season to an injury, and a player like Jaire Alexander could really boost this team's chances at winning its third title in franchise history. What if they were to offer the Packers two first-rounders and cornerback Cam Smith?

Again, we're talking about offers the Packers would not be able to refuse. I think this would qualify. This would probably qualify as a significant overpay for the Dolphins, but that's fair enough when it comes to winning the first Super Bowl the team would have won since the early 1970s. Very few Dolphins fans know what it's like to win.

This is a win-now move.