4 reasons why Packers can shock the world and win the Super Bowl

The Packers just dominated Dallas. Why not win it all?
Green Bay Packers
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2. Packers defense has stepped up

Green Bay Packers fans may not love the idea that Joe Barry has bought himself another year, although maybe that's a bit of recency bias. We'll just have to wait and see how things play out with that.

For now, the Green Bay defense is playing much more aggressively, and the results have been outstanding. We mentioned earlier the number of big games the Packers have won against contending teams in the last couple of months. What's the common denominator?

Forcing turnovers. Winning the turnover battle.

Against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving, the Packers' defense forced three turnovers and didn't give the ball away. Against Kansas City, the Packers forced a turnover and didn't give it away. Against the Dallas Cowboys, we saw two turnovers forced and no giveaways. And one of those turnovers was a pick-six by Darnell Savage.

Now, the Packers have to go to San Francisco and keep that aggressiveness going. They need to force the 49ers to be uncharacteristically sloppy, and they have the right guys to make that happen right now. The pass rush got after Dak Prescott to the tune of 12 QB hits and 4.0 sacks, and that type of domination needs to continue against the 49ers to get Brock Purdy off his spot.

If the Packers' defense keeps playing at that level, they can undoubtedly win it all.