4 reasons why Packers can shock the world and win the Super Bowl

The Packers just dominated Dallas. Why not win it all?
Green Bay Packers
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4. Packers have been playing must-win football for a month

When you've been playing with your back against the wall for over a month, the stakes of a playoff game aren't going to seem so bad, right?

Given the fact that the Packers have been on the brink of elimination for a while now, they are used to playing in must-win games. That is certainly an advantage over a team like the 49ers, who have been dominating teams all season and have been resting comfortably with that top seed for a few weeks.

By the time the game against the 49ers rolls around, the Packers will basically be professionals at avoiding elimination. This will be the first game with major stakes the 49ers have played in quite some time. The last one they played was against Baltimore -- the top seed in the AFC -- which they lost by 14 points.

The 49ers have been beating teams up all season. The Packers have been surviving (and thriving). That has to be some kind of advantage, at least going into this game against the 49ers. Moving forward, the Packers will play some teams that are a little more tested in the area of staving off elimination, but this is something that can absolutely help their pursuit of another Super Bowl win.

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