Packers send Aaron Rodgers pick back to Jets in 4-round NFL mock draft

Green Bay Packers
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Round 3 (88): Cole Bishop, S, Utah

It might be a tough pill to swallow to wait until the later portion of the third round to grab a safety in this class, but that might be where the true value of this class lies, in all reality.

There are no true first-round safeties in this class, unless your projection of Cooper DeJean is at the safety position. The second round doesn't present great value. Guys like Kam Kinchens of Miami and Tyler Nubin of Minnesota don't fit the Packers' threshold of athleticism.

And waiting until the third round could ultimately be a blessing in disguise for the Packers. They've already got Xavier McKinney in free agency. There are still plenty of quality safeties in free agency for the team to fall back on if they don't get the player(s) they are targeting in the draft to contribute early on.

But Cole Bishop is someone who could go in the third round and have everyone wondering why he didn't go higher when all is said and done.

There's a lot to like about Bishop, not to mention he posted a whopping 9.88 on the RAS scale. He could be the perfect complement to Xavier McKinney on the back end for this new-look Green Bay secondary, and after the drafting of Terrion Arnold, this would really put the cherry on top of revamping that unit.