3 blockbuster trades Packers can make to help bail out Broncos before deadline

  • Blockbuster deal for superstar DB?
  • Trade for veteran WR?
  • Add veteran turnover machine to secondary

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The Green Bay Packers snuck away from their Week 3 matchup against the New Orleans Saints with a clutch victory. Now, the team is 2-1 and has a chance to jump to 3-1 with a home game on a short week against the Detroit Lions. Could we see the Green Bay Packers as big-time buyers at the NFL trade deadline here in just a handful of weeks? It's not out of the question.

And right now, looking at some NFL teams that are already in big trouble early on, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Denver Broncos as a team that could be selling before too long. And they would have some assets that could be really intriguing for the Packers to consider.

The Packers have been so good at drafting in recent years that parting with significant NFL Draft capital might hurt, but this team could upgrade its roster now and into the future with some big deals involving Denver. Let's take a look at three that could interest the Packers if they become buyers.

3 trade deadline deals with the Broncos for Packers to target

1. Packers could make blockbuster deal for CB Pat Surtain II

I think the Denver Broncos might have to lose every game or all but one game before the NFL trade deadline to consider a move like this, but with three losses in the books and Surtain's dominance being clearly nullified by opposing teams, could they be open to trading their best player?

I think we're looking at somewhat of a similar situation to what we saw years ago with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Jalen Ramsey. Surtain is outstanding, and could be a key piece of someone's championship hopes, but perhaps not in Denver. That team is in need of much more reinforcements at this point, and Surtain's dominance might be better served elsewhere in the league.

Now, it would likely require multiple first-round picks to get him (and then some), and that just seems so off-brand for Brian Gutekunst. But you never know when the right player is going to cause you to abandon your typical ways and go in a new direction. Just imagine Surtain joining this secondary and playing behind the Packers' defensive front.