5 drastic moves Packers must make after loss to Lions

Desperate times for the Green Bay Packers could call for desperate measures.
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Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Not that the Green Bay Packers are in an overly bad spot at 2-2 this season, but they won one of their games by the skin of their teeth and they took the Chicago Bears -- one of the worst teams in the league -- to the cleaners in Week 1.

It's not time to panic in Green Bay, by any means, but the Detroit Lions clearly look like they are on a different plane than the Packers right now, don't they?

The Packers might need to get aggressive and start making some drastic moves, whether that's going out in free agency or trades and making something happen, or perhaps looking internally at something that can be changed.

What are five drastic moves we should see from the Packers after that loss to Detroit? Let's dive in.

5 drastic moves the Green Bay Packers should make after Lions loss

1. Call up the Broncos and ask about LT Garett Bolles

This trade seems relatively unrealistic as the Packers are not likely to trade for a big-money tackle who is less than a year removed from a major injury when David Bakhtiari is taking up a big chunk of the salary cap (over $21 million this year) on injured reserve.

But again, desperate times call for desperate measures. This is a formative year for Jordan Love at the QB position. You can't have him consistently worried about his blindside while he's trying to develop.

The Broncos could take on some of Bolles's remaining 2023 salary to facilitate a trade like this, and why might they be willing to make it? For a few reasons.

  1. Bolles is not expected to be on the Broncos' roster beyond this season due to salary cap reasons.
  2. Cam Fleming, one of the league's top swing tackles, was a starter at LT most of last year for the Broncos and remains on their roster.
  3. The Broncos really like rookie RT Alex Palczewski, who could transition off of IR and into the swing tackle position after Week 4.

I don't think this one is completely out of the realm of possibility, especially if the Broncos end up losing more games before the trade deadline.