4 Packers (and 1 ex-Packer) who could join Aaron Rodgers with Jets in 2024

Who could join Aaron Rodgers in 2024 with the Jets?
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4. David Bakhtiari

I don't know if any individual player is more likely to join Aaron Rodgers with the New York Jets than David Bakhtiari.


Bakhtiari has a cap hit over $40 million next season. There's simply no way he's coming back to the Packers unless he re-structures his deal, and I think Green Bay might fix their eyes on a longer-term move at this position, letting Bakhtiari hit free agency.

And the combination of Bakhtiari's friendship with Aaron Rodgers is going to ultimately lead to a reunion between the two. I think you can just about take that one to the bank.

5. Josiah Deguara

Not every reunion with Aaron Rodgers and the Jets is going to be high-profile. I think this one might even get filed more under the "Nathaniel Hackett reunion" category. Josiah Deguara was not a good third-round pick by the Green Bay Packers back in 2020, but picks like this have "guy a coach banged the table for" written all over them.


It wouldn't be surprising at all if Deguara was one of Nathaniel Hackett's "guys" back in the 2020 NFL Draft class. Deguara can provide some value moving around the offensive formation and playing special teams, and I do think his familiarity with both Hackett and Rodgers could help him land a one-year deal with the Jets in 2024.

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