Jonathan Taylor blockbuster and 4 other trades Packers must make before deadline

What trades do the Green Bay Packers need to make before this year's deadline?
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4. Could Derrick Henry boost Packers playoff hopes?

We've discussed it before, but depending on where the Tennessee Titans are at here in a couple of weeks, it could be interesting to see what kind of fire sale they might have. It's hard to picture Derrick Henry playing for any other team at this point, but he's obviously got some history with Packers head coach Matt LaFleur, having played for him when LaFleur was the offensive coordinator for the Titans.

That also just happened to be during Henry's breakout year in the NFL. Maybe the Packers could send AJ Dillon to Tennessee in a trade for Henry and do some kind of swap there. One way or another, I don't hate the idea of the Packers finding a way to upgrade the RB position, whether that's through a rather substantial trade like this or maybe something a little more modest.

5. Keep tabs on Broncos CB Pat Surtain II

Every NFL team in the league right now should be keeping tabs on Pat Surtain II. Making trades ahead of the trade deadline is not just about fixing areas of need, but it can also be about adding building blocks for the future. If a player like this becomes available, the Packers -- and just about every other NFL team -- should be interested.


The Broncos would undoubtedly want a Jalen Ramsey-level package of picks (multiple first-rounders, for starters) in any hypothetical trade of Pat Surtain, but he doesn't seem to currently fit with the team's overall roster strengths. The Broncos may hold onto Surtain for dear life as they look to get back on track after beating the Bears, but if they end up having a fire sale, this would be a situation to monitor because Surtain is arguably the No. 1 corner in the entire NFL right now.

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