4 Packers who have miraculously saved their jobs this season

Which Green Bay Packers have saved their jobs in miracle fashion?
Green Bay Packers
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4. AJ Dillon

Perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to believe AJ Dillon is going to be gone next season, should we?

Although the season started off horribly for Dillon, who had a golden opportunity to show what he was capable of as the RB1 with Aaron Jones sidelined, he's really been picking things up as of lately.

Over the first five games of the season, Dillon averaged just a hair over three yards per touch. Over the course of the next seven games, he's averaged over five yards per touch and has suddenly caused people to think he might be worth bringing back on a 2-3 year deal after this year with Aaron Jones a potential salary cap casualty.

Dillon still doesn't have the touchdown production you would like to see from a back of his size and for a team that currently ranks 20th in the NFL in red zone percentage. You'd love to see more of Dillon celebrating in the end zone, of course, but he's been really helping this team out a ton as both a runner and receiver lately, and was instrumental in the Packers' home win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night.


While Dillon had been underwhelming in the early portion of the season, he's slowly getting better and better as the year goes along and could perhaps be not only redeeming himself for this year, but reviving talks of a new deal after this season.

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