3 potential landing spots for Packers tackle David Bakhtiari in 2024

Where could the longtime Green Bay Packers left tackle end up?
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In 2023, Green Bay Packers fans said goodbye to franchise legend Aaron Rodgers. Although the 2024 offseason won't carry the same weight, saying goodbye to longtime starting left tackle David Bakhtiari won't exactly be easy. But it feels pretty likely at this point.

Bakhtiari was a fourth-round draft pick back in 2013 out of Colorado. To say the Packers nailed that draft pick would be a massive understatement. Bakhtiari will likely go down as one of the best Day 3 picks of the 2010s as a decade overall. He's played great for Green Bay, earning three Pro Bowl nods as well as five different All-Pro selections, including two times being named a first-team All-Pro.

Unfortunately, Bakhtiari will be 33 next season, and he's only played 13 games total since the beginning of the 2021 campaign. The 2024 season is the final year of his deal, and he is set to account over $40.46 million against the Packers' salary cap. Even with a dead cap hit over $19 million, the Packers will save $21.4 million by letting go of Bakhtiari, and the time has come for both sides to move on.

But what will become of Bakhtiari in 2024, assuming he wants to continue playing? Who would be his top suitors? Let's take a look at three.

1. New York Jets

I mean, you've got to believe this is the low-hanging fruit, right?

Of course, the Jets have become a landing spot for a wide variety of former Green Bay Packers, including the aforementioned Aaron Rodgers. But it's not just Rodgers out there in New York -- it's guys like Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, Billy Turner, and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. Heck, the Jets even had Adrian Amos at one point this season.

But New York seems like an ideal landing spot for Bakhtiari for familiarity's sake. That's not always a driving force when it comes to NFL trades and free agency, but I think the majority of times you can trace moves like this down to the three degrees of separation. And in Bakhtiari's case, you don't even have to go three degrees.

The Jets need offensive line help. Bakhtiari will likely come relatively cheap. Aaron Rodgers will put on his recruiting hat. I think the Jets on a one-year deal make a lot of sense.