5 trade targets that would make Packers Super Bowl contenders

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If the Green Bay Packers roster progresses in 2024, this team could become a Super Bowl contender rather quickly.

Heck, they had the 49ers on the brink of elimination on their own home field. This Packers team is not only not far off from being a contender, but they might only be a couple of moves away from being a permanent fixture in the NFL's final four for the next handful of seasons, at least.

As we approach the 2024 NFL offseason, there are some names that could be available to the Packers that could wind up being absolute game-changers for them. The last two years, the Packers have made offseason trades to get rid of star players. Could they use some of their massive hoard of NFL Draft picks in 2024 to add a much-needed veteran presence that could take this roster to a new level?

1. Justin Simmons, S

Justin Simmons is going to be 31 years old this season and is entering a contract year. From the Denver Broncos' perspective, losing a player like Simmons would be a brutally tough pill to swallow, but their loss could be the Packers' gain.

Simmons has a base salary of $14.5 million this year and the guaranteed money on his deal has run out. I think Simmons will be looking for an extension this offseason or a trade to a team that might give him one, and the Packers with Jeff Hafley just might be the ones to do it.

Although they didn't cross paths there, Hafley and Simmons share the Boston College bond, and with both Darnell Savage, Jonathan Owens, and Rudy Ford hitting free agency, safety is arguably Green Bay's top defensive need. If the Broncos are willing to part ways with Simmons for a third- or fourth-round pick, he could very well be a worthwhile investment for the Packers. Simmons has 30 career interceptions and at least three interceptions every year since 2018.

He's a turnover machine. Adding Simmons to the back end of this defense could take Green Bay to the next level on that side of the ball.