Predicting the rest of the 2023 Packers schedule with playoffs on the line

Can the Green Bay Packers make another playoff push with three games left?
Green Bay Packers
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It's been a fun season in 2023 for the Green Bay Packers in many ways, but this fan base in Green Bay has gotten used to winning more often than not. And watching the playoffs from home last year? Well, you want that to be the exception, not the norm when it comes to this team year after year.

Even though everyone understood going into this season that the Packers were rebuilding/reloading (or whatever you want to call it), this young group gave everyone hope that the playoffs were possible.

Now, with just three games remaining, the Packers find themselves a game back of teams like Minnesota and Los Angeles for Wild Card spots. There's still time to get this thing done.

But can the Packers pull it off? Coming off of a tough loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they're going to need to probably win out in order to have a chance. Let's look at the final three games and make our predictions for what the Packers can do.

Week 16: Green Bay Packers @ Carolina Panthers

The Packers probably couldn't have asked for a better time to take a road trip to Carolina. This Carolina Panthers team is really in shambles, but they found a way to win last week. It was only their second win of the 2023 season, obviously an incredible disappointment for that organization after moving up to the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft to take Bryce Young.

Frank Reich was already fired earlier this season, and the Panthers' offense has been largely incompetent all season. The Packers may have a great opportunity to "get right" against a team that has struggled all year long.

I think the Packers will get to 7-8 this coming weekend, and I think it will be in pretty convincing fashion. This team will come out with a chip on its shoulder after getting beat pretty bad by Baker Mayfield and the Bucs.

Prediction: Packers win 27-13 (7-8)